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Need help deciding on 14 Cadenza

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Hey guys new to the forum and need help on making a decision on which Candenza to buy. 1st off I had never heard of these cars until a couple of days ago I was at Carmax looking around and the salesman recommended the Cadenza. So my wife and I checked out a 14 SXL Smokey Blue with 37000 miles on it, price is 20,700. We took it for a drive and was just blown away by the way it drove and all the features it has. I wasnt ready to purchase that day as I wanted to come home and do my research. While searching around I came across another Cadenza Limited near me with 29000 miles for 197000. I haven't seen this one in person but looks really good by the pics, it is the dark grey color, not sure the exact name.

So my question is which is the better deal? 1. The Smokey Blue SXL with 37000 miles for $20700 or 2. The Grey Limited with 29000 miles on it for $19700. From what I can tell the Limited has everything but 19" wheels, passenger cooling seat, couple more features such as lane change and maybe the upgraded leather. Not sure about the leather maybe you guys can answer that. What do you guys think? Also both have clean carfaxes. Looks as if they were leased. Any help greatly appreciated.
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The SXL (Limited) is the top trim, it will have everything on it. The other vehicle sounds like a Premium with a package in it like mine. Luckily in the '14 premiums we had Nappa leather if we got the tech package (or just either way I don't really remember) but they all have leather.

Check to see when the Premium was built, if it was pre October of '13 it will be missing the cooled front passenger seat.

Depending on the package, the Premium will NOT have:

-Hydrophobic front glass (not sure how long that lasts, may be a moot point)
-Driver's seat leg extension
-Dual LCD cluster for gauges
-Rear sunshade
-19" chrome wheels (Premium has 18s which I like better)
-Suede roof lining
-White leather interior (exclusive to SXL)
-Electronic parking brake
-Lane departure warning
-Variable cruise control
-Heated rear seats
-Panoramic sun roof (can't remember if all '14s had this or not)

I may have missed something in there but someone else can help out if that's the case. Honestly if It's a premium like mine then I'd personally go with the one that's cheaper with fewer miles on it ;) But if it's an absolute base then I may go with the SXL.
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Simple, if the Speedo is an actual LCD in the middle, that starts the Premium Luxury package. If its the clunky physical dial off to one side, Tac on the's a base model, walk away. A lot of places will advertise a base Premium as a Limited...know how to identify the car right away or you will get screwed out of all the features.

They are essentially as follows:
Premium Base (walk away)
Premium Lux (minimum starting point)
Premium Lux/Tech (almost Limited)
Limited (same as SXL)
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