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Navigation/Traffic Info

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Forgive this if it's been answered, I looked but didn't find this exact problem.

First I'm loving my Cadenza. Such a great car! Sirius traffic is great and it really helps my commute from one side of Houston to the other. What I've noticed, however, is when I park in the garage at work traffic data doesn't work and never loads. However, if I park in the uncovered lot, no issues.

My thinking is that when the car/audio/navigation start up, Sirius traffic, looks for the satellite one time and if it doesn't see it, no traffic info. It never loads in. I've tested parking the car, cutting all the power to where the infotainment system does a complete restart and traffic will load in. This typically takes a couple of minutes, which stinks when you're ready to get on the road.

Has anyone else noticed this and if so know of a way to fix? I tried the two button press that resets the radio, and it works, but it resets everything (presets) and that is no good.

-UPDATE-I did find the post a little further down. I meant to clarify, is there a way to force the radio to look for traffic data again without constantly resetting?
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Mine does about the same thing with blue tooth phone connection. If I start car with phone off, then turn phone on it never connects even when trying manual connect. I have to turn car off then restart car with phone on. Then it connects right up
I have the problem as Bur (think I talked about it in a random thread before) and do see that if you turn the car off and back on (opening the door can speed up the system shutoff) that traffic comes back, annoying but oh well.

Gene I don't have the same problem that you have. If I am already on the phone and connect it with bluetooth to my car after I get in the phone connects fine but I cannot transfer the call to my car. It immediately transfers it back to my phone and never goes on speaker. So usually I have to end my call and call from my car at that point, slight annoyance.

On the note of speaking about SiriusXM do you call in and ask for the special promo $25/5mo price? I would if I was you, granted that is for basic only (certain channels gone, no internet listening, etc...) but it's all I really want. Be careful to cancel auto billing too :)
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