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My trunk release doesn't work-HELP

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My 2014 Cadenza (Which will be 10 years old October 2013) is having issues with the trunk release. It won't open from the keyfob and it won't open from the inside release button. The gas tank button which is right next to it works fine. Is this just a fuse or something or do I have to deal with my local Kia dealer. (I hope not) On a lighter note, my car is at 130k and running great. Only did routine maintenance and normal wear and tear. Well I did have backup camera drama which cost me $600+ to repair.

Any insights are greatly appreciated
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9.9 times out of 10, this is the Valet button located inside the glove box. Double check it didn't get pushed.
Yooshaw, you were absolutely correct and your reminder as I believe I did this before was spot on. Sorry it took me so long to come back and say "Thank you!"
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