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my so after market cadenza

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So as yall know my cadenza has coilovers, wrap, staggered wheels and a lot more stuff.
I took my car to get an oil change and I have staggered wheels. 275 in the back and 235 in the front. They decided to rotate my wheels. Then my buddy who drove my car for the first time from the dealership and to my work place. Well when I went to drive it there was the abs light on. I called the dealership and they said they rotated my wheels. So I snapped and went there and checked the code and the abs sensor was broke because my wheels were rubbing it. Lol ofcourse so now the blame my after market coilovers. So they wouldnt cover it and I had to buy the part that was 95 bucks. Then they told me it was 275 just to install it. Lol it takes 20 mins to install. So archer kia in houston basically hates me. Then I take a road trip to shreveport louisiana and then I made a stop. Then I turned my car on and it took me 2 miles to do around 60mph. When I floored it it wouldnt go more than 1000 rpms. I turned the car off and then it was fine so I guess it was a computer glitch. Guess I am losing hope in kia with their crap.
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soooo.. they didnt visualy see that your wheels are staggered? i wouldnt have faith in that service department..
That's the gamble you play with modifying your car while it's still under warranty. Also, hopefully this is a lesson to you to ensure you educate anyone who is servicing your vehicle what changes have been made so when they give it to the 17 yr old lube kid with no experience to change your oil he told to do things like this.

I've modified many cars under warranty, and that was a lesson I learned early in the process. No one even gives your vehicle a second glance but yourself. To them it's just a job.
Lol my car is gold and my wheels are obviously way bigger than the other one but whatever
Wow, I would be soooooo pissed! I'd be complaining...
Lol my car is gold and my wheels are obviously way bigger than the other one but whatever
Like I said, the 16-19 yr old kid rotating your tires was doing what he was told. He didn't pay attention to anything but getting the air gun on your bolts. He probably even noticed and did it out of spite because it made him feel like some sort of a bad *** and thought the dealership would have to pay.
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