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so I noticed something... The motor in the Cadenza is the same as what's sitting in several other models... So, we should be able to look at options for all the models below. I think it's time to look a little closer at under the hood for me... :)

2012- Hyundai Azera
The 3.3 L G6DH version was introduced with the 2012 Azera. The engine produces 290?294 hp (216?219 kW; 294?298 PS) at 6,400 rpm and 252?255 lb·ft (342?346 N·m) of torque at 5,200 rpm.


2012-present Hyundai Azera (G6DH)
2012-present Hyundai Genesis (G6DH)
2013-present Hyundai Santa Fe (G6DH)
2015-present Kia Sedona (G6DH)
2014-present Kia Cadenza (G6DH)
2014-present Kia Sorento (G6DH)
Only thing is that the Genesis version is RWD so the engine sits facing forward not sideways; also I think there's a different transmission on RWD vs. the compact FWD transmission. And Santa Fe G6DH is only for the large SF with 3rd row seating, the Santa Fe sport is 2.0T or 2.4, 4 cylinder.

Sedona is really "stretched" Sorento with sliding doors when you look at them next to each other. I do like the look that they both have, I would call the Sedona the best looking minivan on the market today.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts