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Minor AV Problem

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Noticed a minor (rare) problem with my 2+ year old Cadenza 2014 SXL
Sometimes when I suddenly bang on the horn, or stop short, the AV system changes mode - radio comes on or radio changes to mp3 flash player. Probably a loose electrical connection in the steering column. Difficult to reproduce. Has happened only about a half-dozen times.

Anyone else experiencing this? Easy fix? I'm reluctant to do surgery on this car for a trivial problem -- even under warranty, fearing that the cure will be worse than the disease.

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I have not noticed this. The only thing "similar" I have noticed is sometimes if I auto roll my window up and go over a bump (usually at my house rolling them up while hitting the curb) just a bit too fast the windows will roll back down. I know there is anti-pinch on the windows in case any idiot gets their parts caught in it but I didn't think it was that sensitive.
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