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Memory 1 Fuses Blowing

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I have a 2014 Cadenza Limited and the Memory 1 fuse blows every time it is replaced. Sometimes it will last for a day or even a couple weeks and other times it blows immediately. This is a 10-amp fuse but I have tried fuses all the way to 30-amp. There are so many components associated with this fuse that nobody has been able to troubleshoot the problem. Hopefully someone else here has had a similar experience and remembers what the fix was.

Thank you,
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Bump! Hope someone knowledgeable would chime in
There's usually no easy answer to this kind of issue. You'll have to see what systems are attached to that fuse, and trace the wiring to each system to see if there is a short somewhere. Electrical experience, a multimeter, and wiring diagram will help.
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