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Lubing the brakes?

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Just took my car in for the 1 year/15,000 mile service.
They wanted about 70 dollars to lube the brake slides. Said the dry out,
and will cause uneven wear on the pads. I can understand how this might happen, but have never heard of this being done on a car, at least not recommended by the manufacturer. Anyone else been told to do this?
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I think that's not a wearable part like the pads, wiper blades, or tires and should be covered as normal service under warrenty just like adding brake fluid, transmission fluid is always checked for me. I've never been charged for this or a lube. Call the cadenza hot line and ask about it
Did they refill your turn-signal fluid as well?

I've lubed Caliper Slide Pins, but that shouldn't cost $70, and that is typically done when you change your brakes...
Realistically that's a 20 minute job on the lift. that's with 2 coffee brakes (misspelled for amusement). And as stated, normally only when it's time to get pads replaced should the pins need to be greased up again. If it's come up short, that's a failure at the manufacturer and the dealership should be able to bill that as warrantee work...I would think.
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