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List Price? What are your guesses?

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Having never actually seen the Cadenza in person, I am hoping to pay $35,00.00-$38,000.00 (+Tx/Lic) for a loaded Cadenza. I have heard that the car will start around $36,000.00 in the base form. This is just from the rumor mill on-line, but it seems about right. I just wanted to be the first to make a guess. I hope that I come beck to this thread in a couple of months to say that I got a better deal than this, but if not, at least I will have an awesome car. What are you other folks guessing?
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That price seems about right keeping it under 40,000 is better so it doesnt interfer ewith its higher class Quoris.
Okay, $41,100.00 (sticker) loaded. Now to wait and see what kind of dealing can be done. It will be interesting to see what kind of money it will take to actually drive one off the lot. It looks like we still have a few weeks to go until we will know.
The Cadenza just showed up on the Kia USA website for those who may want to "build your own" Cadenza, or to explore the official Kia latest information on the Cadenza... Kia Cars, SUVs, Crossovers, Minivans, & Future Vehicles | Kia Motors America .
$41,000 loaded is an awesome price but what about the OTD price? The price we pay after everything is done and we have the vehicle in our possession?

also has anyone inquired about how much the deposit will be?
It will depend also on how much the Quoris will be priced in north america. The cadenza should be around the $38,000 mid $40k range. the cadenza should be a great seller for what it in the segment. It wouldn't surprise me if they sold more cadenzas than Quoris'.
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