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License Plate Bracket

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Fellow Cadenzians,

I occationally give the car a run thru a really nice car wash here in town when I don't have the time to hand wash it. The dilemma is everytime I run it thru it snags the bottom of the plate (because its drilled to only support half?) and bends it. I have tried the dealer plastic bracket (spray painted black of course) to no avale. Any ideas short of drilling are greatly appreciated.
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I too have experienced this. When I had my BMW, they actually made a front license plate adapter that covered the holes from the license plate bracket and gave the front a clean look. Anything like that available for the Cadenza? Or a nice license plate frame would be good too, I'm looking at the ones from Weathertech but they seem pricey.

I just have a half height mirrored plate with the USMC EGA centered on it. No need for a full sized front plate, and man does that half height mirrored plate look good with all the chrome up front. Of course, we don't use front license plates in my state.
Know exactly what you mean; there's one on Amazon that actually folds back so as not to be visible if not needed; but you may need to change the mounting point

Or maybe K5 Optima has some alternatives; I'm going as long as I can without one but risking a fix it ticket by doing so.
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