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LED Light Strip for Fogs

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What do y'all think of these?

LED Daytime Light Daylight DRL Cover Glossy Black for Kia 2013 2014 Thenew K7 | eBay

Do any or our vendors offer something like this?
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I saw these some time ago - too expensive for me to order without having a review on them first. My biggest concern is reliability and brightness - want them to be easily seen in bright daylight.
In place of the fogs? For me that's a deal breaker. Fog gets pretty scary here, and I drive on one of the deadliest freeways in California. I was actually thinking of seeing if a shop could put in HID's in place of the fogs, and maybe cut a hole for an LED strip at the top of our fog assembly.
Yeah, if it was an addon, maybe, but to cover up the fogs...**** dead.
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