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I don't understand WHY they wouldn't be good for a projector and good for a reflective... I don't know much about that stuff
Current LED headlights on the market are not able to match the light output of HID. Some are able to match halogen, but usually at the expense of glare. Biggest problem with these PnP LED kits is that the housings they go into are designed for Halogens. Having more lumen output is not as important as being able to focus the light effectively on the road.

Think of it this way: a halogen bulb has a long filament that emits 360 degree light along the filament. Reflectors and projectors are designed around it to properly focus the light. LEDs have points of light in multiple places that try to emit at 360, but usually fall short, and not along the long length like a halogen filament.

OEM LED headlights (i.e. Toyota Corolla, Acuras) have housings designed around the LED characteristics, and are thus effective at properly focusing the light on the road. Until true LED kits come to market with projectors designed for the LED, just buying the bulbs is a waste, IMO. Maybe okay for high beam duty, but since the Cadenza's HID low beams stay on when the halogen high beams come on, I find the output great and see no need to change out the high beam.
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