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KIA Spring Install

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Does anyone have any info about how the springs are attached to the car and other stuff? My friend has changed the suspension on multiple American cars and was asking me if I have any info on the KIA that might help him decide if he can do the job (install my Storm springs).
I know some people have written about KIA Tech but that appears to be a subscription based site now. Does anyone have anything they can share that might help?

Thanks in advance.
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Rear is not a double wishbone. You'll install front same as any other car. Rear is like old muscle cars. You drop the struts off, release the junk attached to the rear axle deal (can't think of the name), rotate the whole piece down and the springs are just sittin there. Swap em out, raise it back up (make sure the springs seat right) and bolt it all back. It'll make sense when he looks at it.
Got some help from a member on here and I got the springs installed last week and got the alignment done Tuesday. Gonna wait a month or so to see how the springs settle. I measured all four and took a picture before and right now I can hardly tell it moved.
Visually you can't tell or ride wise?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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