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As a new owner of a Certified Pre Owned Cadenza, today I called the KIA Cadenza Preferred Access Team. I had two questions for the Rep and she is researching both of them. In the mean time, I thought I would run one of these questions by the ownership here.

On page 4-11 of the Owners Manual, it talks about an Immobilizer Password. Is this something that you folks are familiar with? Did you get one with your new Cadenza? Was it in some printed material?

I will say that I I have had a couple of previous calls to the Preferred Access Team. My experience is that they are very polite and helpful. It shows me, that as a company, KIA is concerned about customer service. I am pleased with the service I have received from them so far.
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So nobody here has heard of the Immobilizer Password? This really must be secret stuff!
When I purchased my Cadenza it had attached to the one smart key a plastic tag with a number on it.
If you loose your keys, kia or a lock smith can use that code to program a new key so it will turn off
the immobilizer system when the smart key and stop/start button is pressed.
Each smart key has it's own code. the password they are talking about.
is used by the tech to code a new set of keys. without the password you must use all new
keys as a key already coded can't be recoded with out the password
If you loose one key with the password you only need to buy one new key
You can't enter it, it is in the smart key. If you leave your tag with the password laying
around some one could get the password then code a new key
My password has 2 letters and 4 numbers, so does all Hyundai and kia smart keys
Check it out here
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Thank you Gene for your very complete answer.
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