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P.S This post is in the Technical Category however I was unsure as to whether it did belong there, so I'm deciding to post here too, if thats permissible.

Hey Y'all,

I have a 2017 Kia Cadenza V6 GDI base model and there is something that is awefully worrying me. (maybe unjustifiably)

Here is the scenario. Imagine you are on a straight road approaching an incline. Up until the incline, you were holding down on the gas to give it some momentum. However, once you reach that incline, you let your foot of the gas, the car slows down mid-incline. I put my foot on the gas again, the car jerks and supposedly downshifts at the same time to attempt to push me up the hill.

Now it all sounds perfectly normal, "as it is trying to push me up hill from a supposedly slow speed", however if we change the scenario a bit by saying, rather than letting your foot off the gas as you appraoch the incline, you continue to give the car some gas so as to continue the momentum. The car will still slow down somewhat and as a result will still also downshift. This time, the downshift is perfectly smooth and goes as expected.

My question is, why the jerking in the first scenario? I know it might make logical sense considering how hard it might have to work now that it has slowed down, however with an automatic car, I would have though that this issue would not be an issue to begin with, just as the whole "controlling the clutch to switch gears" isn't an issue with auto-vehicles.

Any ideas?
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