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So I attended Import Alliance's Summer Meet at the Kentucky Speedway yesterday. I'll admit, my expectations for an Import Meet, are not all that high... But I was disappointed in the turn out, and the lack of respect the few KIAs received.

I was of course the only K7, but even the Optima guys (there were 2) were bombarded with jokes about it being a KIA, even though they all thought they were sick until someone said they were a KIA.

I don't understand the lack of respect for the brand... Everywhere I go, people complement my car, ask me what it is, and I tell them, and I get the same reaction... "Wait, KIA? Hahaha"... Why does it matter?

Anyone else see a lot of brand bias when people talk to them about your car? Maybe they're jealous, but it's really annoying that people are so two faced.

*steps off soap box*
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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