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K7 is back!

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Excellent job by the shop:

Paint match 100%
Fit and Finish 100%
All new parts 100%
No evidence of repair 100%

"Just like nothing ever happened" was their goal and they delivered.

Left off front license plate holder
Left off Cadenza; replacing with K7 & 3.3 GDI badges


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Looks Good!
Nice. Glad you are happy. They did a super job!
Very nice job. I noticed when they worked mine after an accident they buffed their work and not the rest of the car. Did they do that to you?
Yes, the buffed out whole car. I think depending on the market the bigger body shops are under pressure to get higher customer satisfaction scores from insurance companies. They did a complete inside/outside detail including the engine.

Same thing happened to a friends car in a different body shop; they returned his back with a complete detail. Years ago I remember having a Honda repaired and they gave it back to me with the interior covered in paint dust and over-spray on the exterior. When I complained they gave me a car-wash coupon. Things are much better these days.

They also offered to have me bring it back after a few weeks and re-wax it once the new paint cures (no charge).

PS: Even so; I went though the whole interior with a damp cloth/treatment and vacuumed it again to get out that fine powder that gets every where. Even though they had detailed the interior, it takes several rounds to really get all paint dust out of every nook and cranny.
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What ever happened to the modified front end?
I looked at alternatives for front spolier and for rear diffuser but ultimately nothing would work beyond full ground effects and I'm not wanting to go there with this car. So its back to stock; the only thing different is I left off the front license plate holder so the front bumper is pristine for now.

I'm looking at "fold-away" holders in case CHP tags me for no front license displayed.
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