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No benefit, other then keeping online purchases to the smallest opportunities to be fraud. I like helping out small online business, but I am also very fearful of fraud. A perfect example, I had an online order a few months ago that they sent the wrong product. I tried several times over 3 weeks to get in touch with them to make the change or accept a return. So I resorted to CC we are about 2 months later and my account had to be shut down because of fraudulent charges just last night; I'm not happy. No chance in proving who did it, I just hope the CC company clears this up quickly. At least with Ebay I'm paying Ebay, same with Amazon...but other situations I feel I'm at risk every day after I give out the details...card#, expiration, the extra code on back, and of course my shipping address and phone number.
While I completely understand your concern, it actually works completely the opposite. Small businesses like my own, using e-commerce style sites do not ever gain access to a customer's credit card number, expiration date, or three digit credit card verification number or (CVV). We only see the last four digits of your credit card number.

However, large companies like eBay, Amazon, Target or Wal Mart, who are often targets of attacks from hackers are much more at risk than smaller companies or websites like ours. A lot of our elderly customers are also not aware of this and are usually more comfortable providing their credit card number, expiration date, and three digit credit card verification number over the telephone. This is where I try and explain to them that they are at much more risk verbally providing this information over the telephone then they are entering it in on the computer screen. Most are not aware of this. As we do not get this info when you place an order on our site.

It is always a rule of thumb to lookout for the lock symbol in the browser bar when entering your personal info on a website. This shows you that the page is secure and your info is also secured.

More info on that here:

Here is a screenshot of our site when you get to a page requiring you to enter personal information:

As far as you placing an order with another small online website, if it happens to be the one seller in this community that has horrible reviews all over the Internet ranging from customers being scammed and ripped off, to not being able to get in contact with the company at all, then yes this has nothing to do with dealing with a small company with personal info, but rather an owner of a company who chooses to scam people and run their business that way.

I can assure you that you will never have that issue with me or the company that I run. I pride myself in handling customer service with the highest integrity. We respond to all phone calls, emails, and private messages daily.

If you ever have a questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here anytime.
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