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just picked up my smokey blue!!!!!

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well I went with my parents to help them in leasing a 2014 fully loaded Sorrento. Awesome suv with so many options. anyway I ended up test driving the Cadenza and it was a done deal. Leased it and traded in my Hummer H2. so far the car is amazing but I only drove it 20 miles. now I need to figure out all the bells and whistles. mine has the beige interior and it is the top of the line model. but where's the remote start???? and how do adjust the bass and treble on the stereo. that's as far I got...
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Congratulations and welcome, markie!

It so happens that I am readying to buy a Cadenza and a Sorento SXL later in the year.
Both great vehicles.

Let us know about your experiences with the Cadenza. There are also a lot of great people here on the forum who can provide wisdom on the car if needed.

welcome to the site Markie, where ya from?
didnt do a profile yet.... . NY
Yeah keep us posted on your Cadenza, if you got it with the panoramic roof, you might wan to pay close attention to it at times for a possible wind noise issue.
Yes fully loaded model.. I will keep an ear out on the wind noise issue. I just had the windows tinted, some led map lamps front and rear installed, and some awesome white led fog lights installed that look better than my hid head lights. Now I might have to upgrade to a 6000k hid bulb to match the fogs!!!!!
Congratulation. Can you post pictures with your new led fog lights?
My first "big boy" car! The family truckster finally got junked and it was my turn to get a new car. I went to lease an Optima and took a glance at the Cadenza, but thought it would be out of my price range. With some good haggling, I drove off with a new smokey blue Cadenza! I love the feel and style of the car and cannot believe I am driving a KIA!
Congratulations on the purchase. It's an awesome car! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I am!
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