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Hello to everyone. I just leased a smokey blue/Nappa white SXL a couple of days ago. I have not really gone very far (36 miles) but I can tell I am going to enjoy this car.

I was leasing a Chevy Volt but find it a bit ho-hum as far as luxury features go for the amount of money one has to pay to lease one of them.

I traded in a Kia Sorento for the Volt and it was fun for a I need more comfort and luxury and the Cadenza will answer those desires. I saw it last spring in the showroom when my partner picked up an Optima Hybrid and I knew back then that I would own (lease) one in the not to distant future.

I would have loved the metallic brown color but not sure you can get it in SXL, blue was my close, second choice. I thought I wanted the grey interior but they only had the white and I pulled up two cars side by side to compare the leather and the difference seemed very insignificant.

My one complaint even before driving a Cadenza is the lack of DRL's, this is a Kia thing I guess. I only know of one model in the USA, Kia line-up that has them, I think it is the Sportage.

I modified my Sorento based on the Kia-forum instructions to have DRL's and they worked just fine. I hope someone here has a solution to this. It wont make or break my opinion of the car but I sure do like to have them for safety's sake.

I think I got a great deal on the vehicle and it leased out very money down and 478 a month, I thought that was pretty good. I am sure someone here or several people did better, but I was pleased.

I hope to participate regularly here and look forward to many great discussions.
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