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Just Drove A Tesla

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Just returned from a Tesla test drive. What an impressive car. Amazing (and immediate) acceleration - and only one gear! Great handling, and they got electric steering right! Great road feel.

But I came away actually appreciating my Cadenza! Easier entry and exit, cooled seats, adjustable seat belt height, more rear leg room, adequate acceleration, and $40K less.

But you should all go for a Tesla test drive! That acceleration at any speed is quite a rush!
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I agree with all you noted; did you test the P70D? I could not believe the straight line acceleration, but then where can you drive like that; not here in OC or LA?

I also noticed when you turn off all the audio; the electric motor sound is very evident with a lot of high pitched wine.

But it is an impressive ride to say the least, a real automotive break-through. I do question the longevity of the company; most all sales are in California, very few outside large metro areas and the numbers are very low.

My buddy has one and the problems grow as the car ages; they used to give him a free demo for service, but now they call Uber to give him a ride. At the event the Tesla employees were very open about all the cost cut-backs they have to deal with. I look for Tesla to get acquired or focus on charging stations or other products in the future.
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Missing Something

A friend gave me a ride in his Tesla P85. We came on the freeway ramp and he nailed it all the way to 140 kph, which didn't take long! It was totally weird to be accelerated so fast but with no noise. Kind of like making love with a woman who doesn't make any noise - you're having fun but you know you're missing something! Also although it can go 300 mi on a charge it's that second 300 miles that is problematic. Finally it runs on about 9000 lap top batteries and as everyone knows who has a laptop, you need new ones after 3-4 years. Much rather have the Cadenza which is Tesla quiet most of the time but growls nicely when you punch it.
I've raced a few Tesla's...thankfully they were gracious enough to humor me in the Cadenza...I kept up...if you don't count the dozen or so car lengths between us...those things are ridiculously fast.
My neighbor has a P85 and crazy how there are only 2 buttons in the car with everything being from that huge screen. Although I honestly liked the Fisker karma, the looks were awesome. I still wonder what the effects of all those batteries will be from the Tesla over time and if you get into a crash.
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