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Just brought home my new child Cadenza SXL

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Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.. Traded a 2013 SXL optima in for the Cadenza and very impressed with all the features and room. So far have one little flaw with the car and that is the sun roof glass has a bump in it. Nothing to worry about but its still there. Plan on taking a little trip this weekend and test everything out!!:)
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A little more info

After reading thru the forums, I noticed I forgot to tell yall that the new child is Aurora black with the gray interior.

I also have a few items that will soon be installed or I would like to
Window tint is a MUST here in the south!
PIAA horns to overcome that anemic horn from the factory..
I also have the switchbacks from the optima.. anyone know if these will fit?
thanks and happy Halloween!
Nice pickup!!! Any pics? PM [email protected] about the switchbacks!

Waiting for the rain to clear up so I can clean it and shoot a few.. will post soon

I'll contact Will and see what he has to say
thanks for the info and the welcome!
Welcome to the forums!!!

I love my Cadenza and I can only imagine that you will as well!
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