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iTunes/iPhone problems

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I bought a cable from apple to connect to my iPhone 5, but in the car I can only play music threw Bluetooth stream. There's 2 option that light up when it's plugged in my Cadenza.

In my old 2011 sonata I was able to click play list artist on the screen, now I have to do it on my iphone to play in my car. Also what's annoying its shuffling songs for me, I can't go back or click the song I want it just skips it to the next 5 song??? Anyone else having this issue?

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I think if you have the list displayed on the screen instead of the individual song, a click on the steering wheel is the same as pressing the arrow on the screen, i.e. it jumps 5 songs to the next (or previous) list.
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Only Aux and Bluetooth light up I can't click my music or iPod. I just want it to work like my old Sonata

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did you try using someone else phone? maybe theres a problem with your phone and the way the music is stored or its location is preventing the car from findding it? maybe its a bad cable?
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Hi - I am a new forum member. I actually own a Hyundai Azera, but I'm also a fan of the Cadenza.

I am pretty sure that the NAV/Audio systems of our cars share many of the same characteristics. If so, your car requires a special cable to connect an iphone. The cable has both a USB connection, and a 3.5mm audio pin plug that connects to the jack pack in the console. The other end of the cable has the 30 pin connecter that works on iPhone 4s and older models. In order to connect to an iPhone 5, you will also need the Apple 30 pin to Lightning adapter. (Not the regular lightning cable... it won't work.)

Your dealer should be able to get you the cable. I am pretty sure it is exactly the same part as the Hyundai cable.

This is a quirk of Hyundai-Kia cars, but once you get the cable, it works great. You will get all of the song and artist info, etc.

This "feature" is a FAQ on the Hyundai Forums, and I often re-post this info.

In the meantime, you should also me able to enable Bluetooth Steaming. I am not familiar with the Kia menu system, but in the phone settings menu on my Azera, there is a setting to enable Bluetooth Streaming. Once that is set, hitting the media button should cycle to the iPhone music,

Please let us know if this information helps.
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Ninpo21 -

Did you ever solve your issue?
I had this cable and used it on the Cadenza with my iPod just like I had done on the Genesis. The Cadenza recognized it as "Aux", i.e. no track information displayed and no ability to control the device. Then I tried plugging it in with the USB only and it worked fine. Not sure if this is also true of the iPhone.
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