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It was fun while it lasted!

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Hey Cadenza forum family, I am no longer an owner as I lost my 2015 in an accident (totaled). Considering I blacked out and don't know what happened, I do know that I and everyone else walked away with minor injuries. I was going to get a 2017 Cadenza, but I changed direction and got a 2018 Kia Sorento. That being said, I bid your all adieu.

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I almost bought a Sorento, until I packed the kids in it at the dealer. 3rd row is tight all around. Ended up getting an Audi Q7 instead. Looked at Carnival & Telluride, but they were both scarce at the time, and very pricey. Got the Q7 used for a third its original price. Sorento's a lovely vehicle though.
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