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Is Cadenza 2015 reliable?

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I plan to buy a new 2015 Cadenza as my second car. For the Premium model, I got a quota about $31601.0 from local dealers. It is not the best one compared with some shared prices by others in autopriceshare. However, Since it is lower than invoice price, I think it is fair. My last car is 2002 accord and it is really reliable. For the 2015 Cadenza, I am not familiar with it. People in this forum must know Cadenza well. In your opinion, is 2015 Cadenza Premium reliable? Are there any common problems with this model? Thanks, friends
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I have the SXL Limited and have 14,000 miles on mine so far an no problems knock on wood. Love mine.
39,000 miles and no issues. knock on wood.
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I just bought a 2014 Premium which was still on the dealer lot for $27000. The sticker was $36100. Have you checked if there are any left in your area? No differences between 2014 and 2015 to speak of.
The overall data says Cadenza would be classified as "very reliable"; but the counter point is that there are very few units in operation in the US and Canada, many more in Korea and worldwide.

Also, there's several posts of less than optimal situations owners have encountered documented on this board.

Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a perfect car today, even the best encounter component issues as most cars are built using a long supply chain of suppliers. Still you'll get a 10yr 100k powertrain warranty and that's hard to beat.
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29k and no big issues that caused headaches
I have a 14 Limited with 13,000 Miles. Knock on wood no problems.
See link:


CarMD ranked vehicles for 2014 and Kia Optima was #8 of the top 100 in reliability. As mentioned before I don't think there's enough units in operation for Cadenza to show up in these metrics. But Optima comes both from Korea and West Point, Georgia and uses similar suppliers and build technology as used with Cadenza.

This is probably as best a objective indicator of quality as we can get to date and looks very positive.
Another 2014 Limited 14000 and no issues to date.
20,000 on mine no issues at all. I am a car guy and I love the thing.
Worst car ever... Will never buy one again...

Or at least that is what I have said on EVERY other car I have owned. This one though, the opposite. :)
I have a 2014 cadenza base having problems whit loud at startup it's so bad my friend thout that it was a Diesel engine toke car for the third time an this time they keep it for a week an change two fuel injectors but at first they said it was normal for my car to sound like that and also in the morning engine sakes a lot so I would not recommend this car till they own up to issues whit this car I know nothing is perfect but I am buying a new car I don't need it to sound like an old one my 2000 suburban whit 190000 miles doesn't even sound like this my kia has 13000 miles
Mine was doing the noise and shake like it is running on 5 cylinders. Kia says can't find any thing but leave it with them to check out. Didn't leave it for them to let someone drive around for a week, while I had nothing to drive. Only 12,122 miles on it. I added a 20oz can of Techron and it cleared up a lot. Car is fussy about what gas I use
If it matters to the OP, Consumer Reports rates the Cadenza as very reliable, a solid red dot.
Just FWIW... Changed to Synthetic at 1500 miles and have used it since (now at 26K, oil changed every 5K). I also add Techron @ every third fill up. Never had the noise or vibratiion others complain of.
Mine is working fine now with the techron and chevron gas
going on a 7000 mile trip in 3 weeks will see how it acts with on the road gas.
I have had my 2014 Cadenza for 1 year this month 16,000 miles and I am very pleased with it. I have had no problems.
Extremely happy

I have a 14 SXL Limited, had the rear view camera stop working, took it to Kia and had a new one installed in under 15 minutes. In my opinion, the car is fantastic. I have ~11,000 miles on mine. Very pleased with my purchase.
the loud knocking sound has a known fix/repair and can be covered under warranty. I already had mine repaired.
the loud knocking sound has a known fix/repair and can be covered under warranty. I already had mine repaired.
Can you share with the rest of us what the issue and fix is?
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