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Just got a 2014 Cadenza and realized the radio cannot be replaced with something that supports Apple CarPlay. Disappointed, but trying to adapt.

I have been using the navigation and it pales is comparison to Waze. It gets a driver to an approximate location, but often the place that I need to get to is not really accessible by the main road and I do not see that until after passing the location. Annoying.

So, I tried using Waze over bluetooth. The navigation screen just shows roads and audio from the phone can be used for guidance. But the problem here is that the first second or two of audio doesn't come over the bluetooth. It is like the Cadenza doesn't realize it is supposed to play it.

How does one use their iPhone for navigation in the Cadenza? Are we stuck without any integration and just find a place to hang it and use the speaker for audio... like it is 2005?
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Describe Waze over bluetooth? You mean use the phone screen for visual directions and audio directions are sent over bluetooth to the car speakers? If so, the problem with audio not coming over may be with a delay in the Iphone switching audio sources from music (presume you are also playing music from the phone overt bluetooth) to Waze - this would be an issue with the Iphone and not the car.

Personally, I prefer getting the audio over the phone speaker - allows me to listen to music uninterrupted while navigation is running (Waze has a setting to push audio directions over speaker, even while connected to bluetooth (at least it does on Android)). I use a phone mount the insets into the CD slot.
I literally only had the Waze navigation audio coming out of the phone. It was connected to the Cadenza over Bluetooth audio output as confirmed by checking the “listening on” Setting. It gave directions, but missed the first several words, so it would start by saying, ”ft on North Ave ahead” Instead of “in 100 feet, turn left on North Avenue ahead.”
Yeah, not sure then. I don't think it's the bluetooth connection, because once connected, it's connected, and just waits for audio output from the phone. One way to confirm though would be to connect the Iphone to a different bluetooth device and see if the issue follows it. If it does, then the issue is probably with the Iphone or the app. If it doesn't, then the issue is with the Cadenza.
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