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Inside Dr door Weatherstrip

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Well, had the Cadenza about a week before I noticed it, the inside weather strip on the drivers side is all worn out from the previous owner rubbing on it constantly to get into the guess he only had the car 6 months and 9000 miles, must have had a real abrasive aZZ!

I check the dealership today, was in there getting the failed Dome light switch, and asked if the strip is even covered by warrantee. Of course they say it's not. I checked with parts, they want $119 for it...

****, is there anyplace to order parts like this online? need OEM fit of course, but I would rather pay half that.
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Is there not an online store for these parts? I recall Nissan had a great source for this kind of stuff...
I purchased some parts from . not bad prices.
door weather stripping for cadenza is $61.99 then you have to add $10.50 for shipping.
I'd call or email them to make sure it is the right part. Total $72.49, almost half
Sorry I had the wrong part listed to start. I think it's the body weather stripping you are after.
look under OEM parts and then doors.
That site rocks....once I figured out how to go about it...thanks for the info!
Takes getting used to but good prices. enjoy
Finally got back to the dealership I purchased from, they are replacing the weather-strip no problem. Being Certified by them I guess they are taking this on themselves. Great dealership, Deland Kia in FL highly recommended.
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