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Increased Gas Mileage

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I have owned ,my 2017 for almost a year and in Vancouver because of the inclines in the roads my gas mileage has hovered around 14.3-6 mpg . By accident I recently used the mid range gasoline from Petro Canada and my mileage has jumped almost 2 mpg to around 16.4 or so . Does anyone else have experience in increased gas mileage with upgrading gas? Will be interested in comments .the price differential is about 10 cents per litre which i think equals about 38 cents per USG
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Yeah, I don't think you're actually getting better mileage because of the different grade, I think something may have changed in the driving circumstances more so then the grade of gas having some effect. As pointed out, these motors are not designed to run differently depending on the grade, unlike cars that require premium for optimal performance.
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