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I want to play videos while driving or at least when in Neutral gear position

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Hi guys,

Notice that i can only play videos when in the Parking gear position, is there anyhow to modify this? even knowing the risks ?

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The china version also has TV tuner. Does yours?
The china version also has TV tuner. Does yours?
Yes, its called DMB Receiver. But unfortunately is locked only to Korea. I still looking around a way to change this. Couldnt find any DIY videos for hacking.
DMB is an over the air broadcast technology (it's not locked to a country), you just need to be in broadcast range. Don't think you could modify it to play videos.

I used to live in Korea and everyone had a DMB receiver either in their cell phone or GPS unit in their car. Unbelievable how many people watch TV while driving - even taxi drivers.
I wish I could find a way to allow playback of DVDs while not in park. I have this same issue on the K900.
They make a sensor that you can wire in line. Look it up for the genesis sedan it's out there.
Is the DVD playback on all Cadenzas or only the tech package?
this is why its so great to have a tablet mounted in my car :) no restrictions :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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