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I come I go I come I go... but im here for a while this time

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Whats up fello K7ers

so in all honesty.... the reason why I ended my last term as active poster is because the dealership I worked at blocked the site... I'm free now.
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hey guys... the Cadenza is doing great... no further mods, just been working my *** off lately... since leaving KIA sales and going to Chevy my workload has doubled which is good. I have 24k on her now and still not a single "issue" other than a randon traction control light during startup for no reason. just a restart clears it.

I still have til june of 2016 for my lease to end... I've itched for something else but too upside down to trade out. I plan for a go fast car if I decide not to turn it in
Hey Gene,

Nice to see you back again sir! How have you been? How's your health treating you?
Beezwax not Gene but thanks for the welcome back. I'm gooooood
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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