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Howdy from California!

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My name is John and I am from the Central Valley in California, USA. I have been very excited about the K5 Optima for about a year and was getting close to getting a 2013 SXL, probably in March or April of this year. Now I am being very seriously tempted to wait and investigate the K7 Cadenza and maybe pull the trigger on the "7" instead of the "5". I look forward to this forum growing and being as supportive and technically helpful as the Optima Forum has been. There are already quite a few bits of wisdom for the "7" not even being available stateside yet. I'm glad to be here!
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welcome to the forum John.

Good thing you didn't buy the Optima. When I saw the Optima I was surprised Kia was capable of designing such a car, it's what drew me into the brand. Also the Kia GT concept seen at many of the auto shows across the globe.

Thankfully I held off on getting the Kia Optima, as the Cadenza/K7 is looking to be a much nicer vehicle, also bigger too!

Would you be getting a Kia K7 as it becomes available stateside or going to wait it out?
I will probably get a K7 as soon as I can do side-by-side test drives and convince myself (and the wife) which suits us best. I am on the older end of middle-age, so a larger car with more amenities (class) would be as important as raciness and a sporty image. I really think the K7 will be a stunner in person, much as the K5 is. I may even purchase a Sorento SXL at the same time if finances coincide with any excitement that ensues when I see both of the new models (K7 and Sorento). I bought a Sorento in 2003 when they first came to the U.S. and it was probably the most trouble-free vehicle I have ever owned. I bought my daughter a 2007 Spectra new and she has had absolutely no issues with it either. Kia has truly got its act together I do believe. I wouldn't hesitate at all to buy another (or two). It's really pretty difficult to wait...
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