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Hey guys, I just recently got my emblems in the mail and of course first thing I did was watch a video on how to remove them. I did not have much luck using dental floss on the front emblem, so I decided to use a plastic keychain card on the front emblem(you can get these at places like O'reilly or Kragen, Target, Walgreens, etc...) see a pic of it below if you don't know what I'm talking about.

To get the emblems off you're going to want to have some Goo-Gone readily available, a small flat-head screwdriver, the plastic keychain card(or something similar that won't scratch your paint, a blow dryer, dental floss/fishing wire (for the rear emblem) and some patience to make sure you don't scratch/dent your car.

First thing you're going to want to do is wash your car. You aren't going to be able to wash your car for a day or two after you put on your new emblems, and you want all surfaces to be clean (especially if you're doing the hubcap emblems as well), so you might as well start with washing your car.

I recommend starting with the front emblem, as it took the longest to get off, your results may vary however. I started by pouring goo gone above the emblem and made sure it went into the seams of the emblem. Let that sit for a few minutes, make sure to wipe up any excess that gets onto your paint. After waiting a few minutes I used a blow dryer and heated up the surface of the emblem, making sure to avoid keeping heat in one spot for too long. After the surface is warm/hot I took the plastic keychain card and started to force it under the edges of the emblem. Pull it around all of the edges so you can get a good start to taking the tape off the back of it. At this point you can take your small flat-head screwdriver and make sure that the CARD IS THE ONLY THING TOUCHING THE PAINT, very carefully insert the card underneath the emblem first, then insert your screw driver underneath the emblem and on top of the card. Use the screw driver to get the tape off of the paint, pull the emblem up and go around the edges, taking all of the tape off of the emblem, MAKING SURE TO KEEP THE CARD UNDERNEATH THE SCREW DRIVER. (can't stress this enough, you'll scratch your paint if you don't) Be patient and slowly work your way around the emblem with the card and screw driver, add more goo gone if it is too dry.

If successful, you'll end up with this! (hopefully you don't have as much tape left over as I did...)

Now you're ready to clean up the tape that is left over. Take your goo gone and pour it on the surface, let it settle in for a few minutes. After a few minutes warm up the surface again, and find something plastic to scrape it off (remember, you still don't want to scratch your paint!)
Keep adding goo gone as needed, this stuff really works so take advantage of it!

Be patient and you'll have a surface that looks like this after:

You're now ready to install the new Emblem!
Carefully take off the cover to the 3m tape, and make sure to apply the new emblem centered.

Now onto the rear emblem, this one is a lot easier than the front.
I still start out by pouring goo gone into the seams of the emblem, to loosen up the tape in there. Let it sit for a few minutes, then take a blow dryer and heat it up until warm/hot. At this point you can take your dental floss and insert it in the corners, slowly working back and forth, work the dental floss to the center, and then repeat on the other corner. Again, be patient, they won't come off easy. Use goo gone as needed, it is a great product and will help a lot. Once you get the KIA emblem off, use goo gone to get the excess tape that is left on the paint. You want to make sure that it is a clean surface for the new 3m tape that will be put on there. After that you are ready to install the rear emblem! Peel the cover to the tape off and apply!

The hubcap emblems are the easiest to apply, just make sure that the original hubcap emblems are clean and dry, peel back the cover to the tape and apply directly on the old emblem.

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