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Homelink buttons not lighted like other car makers.

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I've had several makes of car with the Homelink buttons; and those car's buttons were illuminated at night. My Cadenza isn't; though the Homelink setup and mirror look identical to most others used by Toyota, Honda, etc.

My dealer has no idea why or if it can be wired to light; at night it's impossible to get the right button without turning on the courtesy overhead light, so, I just put a small piece of velcro on it to use by feel.

Any electrical gurus have any ideas if this could be added somehow? ( My Lexus GS400 had this and it was great; mirror looked identical to my Cadenza's).

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2014 Cadenza SXL Yes, I was able to program my 1 & 2 but kept opening the wrong doors at night. I reprogrammed to use 2 & 3 so the green light was my guide. Left or right of green light for door 1 or 2 not the most elegant solution but keeps me from opening both doors and hearing from the Mrs. "what are your doing?" :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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