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HID Kit with Stock Projector Lens

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Minimal feedback from those who put a plug and play HID kit in a Cadenza Premium. Saw the one post where the owner had custom projectors made, but don't want to go that far. Hoping to see a few more opinions before I take the plunge. Also, is CANBUS required?
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I had the same question. Was told by someone here to pull a headlight and see if I get an alert on the dash. If I do, it's CANBUS. I haven't tried yet. Been too busy.
Here there Ragg.....I pulled a headlight and didn't get any sort of error message.
The plug and play kit I had in the car wasn't crisp because the non-hid projectors aren't designed for HID's. The cut off was terrible. The HID bulb is actually a little bit longer (not by too much). So this makes the placement off slightly. Also, you have to get an H7 bulb adapter to seat the new light correctly. Getting that sucker to sit with the return wire on the bottom is a B word!!
So I took the plunge and ponied up some money and made my lights official.
If you can save up like $500, plus shipping. I trust you will not regret it.
I took my car to the local Kia Dealer for my 2nd service and I was next to an SXL in the service lane, both of our lights came on against the liftgate in front of the cars....the output was similar but my cutoff looks as if it was literally drawn on with a sharp pencil.
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There are CANBUS "eliminators" to address that, even if it did occur, right? Hard to believe they can't design some sort of HID bulb which is exactly the same size as the standard halogen bulb. I may just go with a whiter halogen bulb for now, just because I don't feel like messing with it. Modifying the projector sounds great, but not really interested in pulling it apart, sending them in, waiting to get them back, etc.
Depending on where you live, there could be a retrofitter within a few miles from you. It's actually a "thing" that has just gained more popularity as of late. Retrofitting has been around for years, these guys master their craft. This is the second car I had done, unmatched light output. You void any sort of warranty on whatever item you tinker with on your car. So I cracked open my headlights, I can't go to a dealer with a headlight issue now.
If eventually you go the route of retrofitting your retrofitter might offer a pretty good warranty. Now, you can troll ebay and see if there is someone selling a set of halogens. The got for around $100 each. I actually purchased a canadian Cadenza headlight, the one with the LED DRL under the low beam, our connectors are different so I will use it for parts. LOL
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Jaydub772, would it be possible to remove the DRL from your headlight and put them in mine? I would gladly take those off your hands if so.
Threw a pair of Philips Diamond Vision H7 bulbs in. Definitely the right color, but not expecting much as far as additional light output. Will be lucky if it's the same amount of light as stock. Thankful it was so easy to swap bulbs. Took all of 5 minutes.
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