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Hey all my name is Bobby. I bought a 2014 that has 84k with the luxury and tech package. I am awaiting delivery of the car. With that said what are some things I should check over before I accept the vehicle? The carfax isn’t very specific about what services were conducted so what are things I should consider replacing my first weekend or two of having it? I’ve seen something about fuel filters in these at 30k. I’ve also seen something about oil consumption issues. Any tips and advice so I can keep this beautiful car healthy is very much appreciated. I look forward to being a positive contributor to your community and learning as much as possible.
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Hi and welcome! There was a few recalls for the 14 Cadenza - (1) an older one for the Tech package wheels (the ones in your picture) due to possible cracking/splitting of the rim. (2) More recent one on the front windshield not installed properly. Both can be done after purchase and should be covered by the recall though.

Can't think of any major service items - I'm at about 70K on my '14, and haven't done any major service yet, as I recall most services come in at 100K.

I have the same car (and color), I think the same packages as well. If it only has cooled seat on the driver seat only, then you have an early build '14 before they came out with the SXL trim that had cooled seats on driver and passenger side.
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I did see the windshield recall but it didn’t at anything about the wheels. Should I bring it up? Or if it isn’t open for my car is it likely to have been completed already? I’m perfectly fine with only my seat being cooled as I never have anyone with the. The family car is an odyssey, this is only mine and will have kids in the back seat once a week lol.
I wouldn't necessarily bring it up - check the vin for open recalls - will tell you if it's been performed or not. Kia should take care of it if not already done. Best of luck, let us know how it goes.
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