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heater control

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I have a 2014 Kia Cadenza, when I set my Temp to 75 Deg. I only get cold air out of vents, was 47 deg. this morning hade to set heater to above 80 to get any heat. Went to dealership was told must set heat that way in order to get heat doesn't make sense to me if I have it in auto mode. Has anyone had the same problem?
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I can't tell you what the problem might be, but it sounds like the dealership is pulling your chain. I've seen in the past there's a blend door, that would shift air from the evaporator to the heater core side of the HVAC box, I'd have to think it was something like that. Essentially when you make a change at the console, the door would move to shift the air flow, if that's not moving completely then it would lead to this kind of symptom.
I would call the preferred line and tell them what is happening and the sub par response you got from the dealer, that is NOT normal. Whatever temp you set it to you should be able to feel (somewhere near) that temp air coming out as long as your engine is warm enough.
Charlievee you are not alone. I have the same problem. If the outside temperature is in the 40's to 50's, I have to turn the temperature setting to 85 to get any heat out of the dash vents. If I set it to 80 - no heat - just ambient air flow. I plan to bring this up at my next oil change, next week. I have also have complained about my AC not getting cold enough during the summer - but could not replicate the problem at the dealership.
It seems that in my 2016 Cadenza the default heat setting on auto is lower and when it first comes on both lower and defrost to get heat front dash vents the temp has to be turned up. Another problem with their heating and ventilation system us that when it's turned off its not off.Air still comes through the dash vents and I cannot figure out how to stop that . .all things being equal I still like the car a lot
I have complained about the air and heat for a while too but I always get the answer that it is functioning properly. My buddies Prius will freeze us out my Cadenza can just barely keep up in the summer? It also takes a long time to heat up in the winter. I always thought it was because of how softly I drive my car (not grandma but I don't lay on it either).
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