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Headlight Armor

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Hey, all.
Just wanted to post some pics of a product I got last week and installed recently. I had the same product on my Pontiac GTO and it really made it look awesome!

The look on the Cadenza is cool. The product is Headlight Armor.
14-15 Kia Cadenza Headlight Protection Kit
I selected the Smoke option as I live in a part outside the city of Austin and there aren't a lot of street lights. I can tell for sure this did diminish the output and it also made the headlights appear a little brown/orange. The Smoke option would make the headlights a lot more dim but it would match a black car and look better during the day.

One issue, if even an issue, is the cover has a split and you can see it on the right side of the drivers side headlight in the 2nd picture just above the blinker. That white line. The cover comes split due to the contour of the headlight and the parts come together right there but I couldn't get them any closer so there is that little gap.

Here are a few pictures I took.

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Don't you just hate when someone has a garage that clean?
Don't you just hate when someone has a garage that clean?
I know, right?

I can't even park the car in the garage. Too many parts from my other projects and boxes and tools... :(
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I had these on ly last car and my wifes, so far it has done a good job on decreasing the hazing factor from the sun
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