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Hanging trunk net hooks?

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I'm curious why my cadenza only has the net on the floor, there are no hooks to make it hang like this one pictured. I actually have a spare net I just need the top hooks, I guess they would replace the flat fasteners that are already there. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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I have 2 nets. One that hangs like the image, and one that "ties" everything down on the cargo mat. There are two hooks, one on either fender wall, and the other two hooks are under the "rear" net used to hold the one in the image in place.
I'll have to order those upper hooks once I get a part number...
I'll take a picture later today to show you how mine sets up.
What bugs me is that I can see several places to order the net, but none of the mention coming with the fastener hooks...which is really all I need. I just need to see the hooks provided in a description, and I'd bite the bullet.
I only have the hanging net, and can tell you I cannot get that net to lay flat on the trunk floor and connect to the rear fasteners.

What do you have in place where the fastners would go? Interested in doing a swap? I'd much prefer the net that lays flat on the floor.
They are just the flat plastic push in fasteners on the sides of the inside plastic trunk lip...I'll be honest, I want both nets, I just need to locate these hooks as a part and I'm all set.
I should have said inside trunk lip where it holds the carpet down, but above the plastic lower lip.
This is a pic of my nets and the hooks. the floor hooks are metal, and the hooks next to the hanging net are the plastic inserts. I got them with the car.


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Yeah, you got pictures of everything I already have, but what I don't have is the hooks for the top of the hanging net. Can I trouble you for a shot of one of those close up?
if the car wasn't ordered with the net then the hooks aren't installed at "port"
I'll be honest... I never knew what the 2nd net was for lmao. I figured it was a spare 1, didn't know I had a trunk tie-down. Awesome.
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jefplusf just signed up for 72 hours of kiatechinfo, he would look up the part numbers for you.
He said on his post he'd look stuff up for us.
KIA parts says we have to buy the entire cargo net to get the hooks.
Glad mine came with both nets and the hooks installed.
MadMax, here are the pics of the hooks. Grr, for some reason the pics are flipped but i think you can see what you need.


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cargo net hooks

Only place I've been able to find the hooks are on ebay. just put in trunk hooks on ebay and they will come up
$3.99 per pair and from china.
haven't found any in the USA


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Oh heck with it, I just ordered it from Was a little cheaper on Amazon, but I had to get OEM wipers for my wife's car, and just threw it on with this deal. Hopefully it has the hook included. I hate that I already have another net I could have used, but whatever...too much chasing. Thanks for helping me clarify what was missing!
Finally got the net. Spent a couple weeks emailing back and forth with the guy to make sure it had all the mounting gear, and it worked out that it did. 4 sets. Had to elongate the upper holes, and drill into the plastic base, all about 20 minutes once I figured out where the diagram was telling me to drill. Looks cool, and much more functional!
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Yes; that's how I set up both nets. It is handy to put groceries in the upright net and things like a laptop bag in the floor net so it doesn't slide all over the trunk.
Those that installed their own cargo net - did the screws that the plastic hooks come with the kit or were they pre-installed? I unscrewed one of the other hooks and there was a screw or bolt sticking out that the hook screws into. The screw broke off and I'm trying to figure out if it can be replaced or if it is a built in part of the trunk.
As I recall it came with the kit for the net. Might be something you can get separately, But I can't find it here:

Parts department at the dealership probably can narrow it down. Worst case would be if you had to get the whole net assembly...
2014 Kia Cadenza Cargo Net #3R017-ADU00
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