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Hi from Seoul.

I joined this forum to share information among fellow Cadenza (K7) owners.

I received my car in May 16 (3.3L) and am quite satisfied with it.

Having received it, I have upgraded wheels/tires (twice), suspension (twice-now fitted with Bilstein SE), rigid collars and brakes (6P).

I have also diamond coated, undercoated, sound proofed (wheel arches and floor).

My one regret is not getting the fully optioned version.

I hope to share as much information as possible to fellow members.



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Love what you've done with it. Also, why yellow calipers in the front and black in the back? Just curious. Also, I'm making an assumption that you are Korean, very good English (not patronizing). Seoul looks like such a cool place to go visit and I'd love to one day, but not in today's political climate. I've been to Tokyo, and that was amazing. Those are 2 advanced mega cities I would love to be at during the night for many years.

Oh ya, welcome! There will be differences with our cars but we can try to help as much as we can. Info exchange is always great.
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