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grabbing brakes

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Anyone had a problem with front brakes grabbing or pulling when brakes applied.
Only 11824 miles on cadenza. always keep in garage Car is only 21 months old.
At least 5 times now, in the last month, I have pressed the brake and had the car pull very hard to the right. Almost like the left front brake wasn't working or the right front brake is grabbing. Enough so that the steering wheel will turn to the right fast.
Doesn't do it very often and usually works normal, Dealer is going to tell me can't duplicate as it might go a week with out happening. Any ideas?
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I would have “someone” check the left front caliper to make sure there is nothing causing the pads to hang up. Perhaps even remove the pads, clean and/or lubricate and put the same pads back in.
Good luck.
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