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Got a Cadenza Today

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I traded my 2012 Optima in on a Smokey Blue, Tech option Cadenza. First impressions are stellar. Leaving the dealer I drove 20 miles from Winston-Salem to Greensboro at afternoon rush without touching the accelerator or brake once I set the cruise. Speed varied from the 72 I set it to down to just under 40. Very impressive.

Have a bit of a trip tomorrow so I will put about 350 miles on it and will have a better idea of how it does in different conditions.

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You lucky dude! Congratulations and I hope you will continue sharing your experiences with your great new car.


Congratulations man. That is an awesome feature!!! My dealership didn't have any of the tech packages available with a black interior when we purchased(and they told me it was going to be a while before they came out)

Wish we would've jumped on it though.
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