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Genesis wheels on a Cadenza?

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I spotted a nice Genesis yesterday, not sure the year, but the wheels would look just killer on the Cadenza. Anyone know if they will fit? Couldn't tell you the year, but it was quite new, at least a 13 or newer...
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Scanning Tire rack for both Cadenza and the Genesis, selected an identical brand 18X8 wheel, has the same offset and blold pattern of 5-114 should fit like a glove right?

Only other question, is the center cap same size and transferable to the Kia?
I purchased a set of 19" wheels fro man Azera to fit on my Cadenza, the center cap wasn't a direct fit. The center cap is more like a cover for the bolts for my particular wheels. The center cap itself can be measured, I believe it is 2.3 inches or 60mm. Hope this helps!!
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