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Gas guage flashing

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Anybody have an issue with the gas guage on the dash cluster flashing and going to empty (even after I just filled up to full)? It's intermittent and goes back to normal after driving for a while. I've also noticed that the gas guage doesn't show the correct amount of fuel when it is "working"... Is this the gas sensor in the gas tank going bad?
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Sounds like a bad fuel level sender. Do you have an OBD scanner? May give you some more clues.

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Sorry for the late reply, I do not have an OBDII scanner, and every time I take it somewhere for a mechanic to look at it, it returns to a normal operating condition. It's been quite annoying. It only appears to happen when fuel level is above 3/4 of a tank. Is there anything I can do to diagnose this issue? I believe the access hole to the fuel pump is under the rear seat correct? Thanks
Funny thing is I read your post yesterday, and now my car threw a code! P0464 for those wondering. I'll update later with what was repaired.


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Sounds like you have it at a shop - attached are some instructions for getting at the fuel pump and sender.

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Thank you for this. Just a little update -- I never actually got it fixed. The problem is still there, however it happens so infrequently now that it doesn't bother me. I have also created a new habit of resetting one of the trip meters so I can keep track of how many miles I've went since refueling. I will probably attempt this repair this summer when temperatures are a little more pleasant to work on the car.
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