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Full Body (Rear, Sides, and Front) Body Kit Seen For Sale

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I saw there is a local body shop selling this:

Myride Front Lip Ver.2. for Cadenza K7 2014+
? KDMHolic ?

Already permanently bonded and painted (white) to the font and rear bumpers (so they would replace your existing front and rear bumpers.

$1900 shipped from Korea UNpainted. So they painted them in their shop, which would add another $600-$1000 to the job.

They are apparently selling them for $1500. You would just have to pay for their labor to put them on, or you can come pick them up and install yourself.

Thought you all would be interested!
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While the front is kinda nice and the sides aren't bad, the back is way too ricey for me. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm going to keep mine or not.
Cadenza 2016 Full Body Kit

excellent full body kit available. Have to pick it up at the body shop unless you're willing to pay big money for shipping. Lots of very professional, love and artistic expertise put into this kit making it fit just right! This body shop, in my opinion, is the best there is...hands down!!!! They are very good to work with. Currently it is painted white and bonded and molded to the front and rear bumpers. the sides replace the existing side moldings. It can be painted to any color you prefer. i'm sure they will take the best reasonable offer possible as they are trying to sell these beauties rather than scrap them. the previous owner of them decided he wanted to go back to the baseline look of the cadenza. anyway, let me know if you're interested. again, they are awesome!!

i can post pictures of them this weekend....

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Looks like the price has gone down to $900 for the whole kit.
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