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Fuel reading inconsistencies between my digital dash and the fuel gauge.

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A few days ago, I noticed that my fuel range on the digital dash was 200 miles and the fuel gauge was fluctuating from halfway to upward. On the drive to work today the LCD showed 148 miles at a quarter of a tank. I didn’t know which one was the most accurate, so just to play it safe, I filled up my car on the drive back and this showed up. (I can barely reach 300 with a full tank) Can someone tell me what’s going on?
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Sounds like your fuel level sending unit is on it's way out - others have reported it happening. See here:

I have a 2017, your range adjusts based on trip odometer mpg so if you reset the trip and drive highway miles at speed limits the range can be higher than your 30mpg, idling and warming or cooling the car before driving reduces the mpg and therefore the range, so the range is just a calculated guess by the computer. If your fuel gauge is fluctuating that needs to be checked, I consistently get 32 mpg and have seen a range of 504 miles when I was traveling in my 2017 in eco mode
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