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Front wheel size not matching rear size?

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So I've tried to contact Kia on FB and talked to them on the phone with no responce regarding that, it says on the Worldwide site that for the 19" wheels setup, you have to get 20 in the back, well that is what recommended, called and checked with dealers around the world and friends from different part of the world and they all told me that the OEM comes in both 19" wheels.

I'm trying to get an aftermarket wheels so I'm not sure if it is recommended to go this size for aerodynamics (not sure why OEM does not follow) or probably just a typo? twice?

that's the website, under Chassis look for wheels and tires and be amazed :confused:
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How is the road comfort with the 19 inch rims and what tire are you running? I have the msr black chrome 18 inch and just bought the continental DESERVE tires today ...
Dumb talk text .. the tires I have are the DWS by
Not sure if I like them the grip the road GREAT but I would like a quite tire will see I have 30 days to think on it.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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