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thank you for taking time to look. i have a few questions
2014 cadenza had a couple months.
softwar ver 14.008. does the tsb fix the delay from my phone when someone calls me or for my navigation? currently iphone doesn't ring to headunit until 2nd or 3rd ring. also if i start car while on phone the evo shows on phone but cannot get call on radio or use any button on evo. seems like bug to me. lastly on the radio. does the tsb fix the ring volume after a call? if im in a call with volume up and hang up, the next call is so loud it can scare the you know what out of you it is so loud.

trunk. when you hit the trunk from remote does it open all the way up? mine will fall back on your head if you don't lift it all the way to the top.

had car at dealer for 3 hours the otherday to fix both problems (what i assume are problems) only to tell me trunk was fine and there was no software update for my piece of junk radio. my older optima had better features than the luxury cadenza

thank you again for feedback

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Welcome to the Cadenza Forums.

I am not sure how your post got completely missed, but I wanted to say hello.

I, unfortunately, do not own a Cadenza, so I am not sure on some of these questions.

However, now that the thread has been bumped to the top, I'm sure other owners can help comment.


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Your dealer was wrong - version 14.008 is one of the first releases of the software. There was a TSB (#62) that addressed traffic not showing on the Sirius radio, and a fix for speed dependent volume not working right. Don't think it adressed any of the issues you are discussing (though I have observed the headunit not ringing until 2-3 rings later).

I have noticed that with each Map Update, there is also a software update, and each time it says "improved bluetooth compatability." You could get buy a new update from Mapnsoft and give it a go.

The trunk does not fully open when you hit the release - it will usually pop open a bit to allow you to open it the rest of the way.
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