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Fan running

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Has any experience the fan running once you turn off your cadenza?
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I have in other cars and I dont think it is too serious .I suspect that the motor was simply too hot and needed additional cooling and it probably shuts off in a minute or three .Just to be safe why don't you call your dealership and talk to a serviced advisor
I used to a lot. Haven't heard it since I had the compressor for the AC replaced. I think the heat up front was building up in the condenser and it wasn't getting moved around, so it stayed hot up there longer. (remember condenser is in front of radiator). But now that the AC is running more efficiently, I haven't heard that fan run after turn off since.
There may be an issue with the motor or radiator. The fan was running on my car and it turned out that I had a crack in my radiator. Had to get a radiator replacement.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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