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Excited 2015 Cadenza Owner

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Hello World,
I purchased my 2015 Cadenza in December. The day after purchase, the family and I took it on a mini road trip. We loved it! Believe it or not, we drove it up into the snow filled mountains of the cascades. It handled great around Mt. Bachelor. We were very comfortable the entire time.

I have a silver premium edition. Handles like a charm. I had a 2015 KIA Optima and after a few months of loving that car, I was offered such a great deal for the Cadenza that I traded up. Great decision. I am sold on KIA's brand. Both cars are great.

I will create separate posts for the many questions that I have. Thanks for having me.
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Welcome to the forums! Glad you decided to join us!

I still can't believe how far KIA has come in the past 4-5 years! KIA caught my eye back in 2011 when they came out with the redesigned Optima and then I bought one, haha.

Got questions? Ask away, we are here to help!
Welcome aboard. Ask those questions I'm sure someone will help
Welcome to the cult....we have been waiting for you.
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