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engine upgrade or tuning

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Has anybody heard of some yet ???
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kia was said to produce the GT concept car in 2016 and that had the 3.3 v6 turbocharged and producing 390 hp. i'd like to get hold of the turbo and associated plumbing to put on the cadenza. They now say it will have a turbo 4 instead.
Not much out there for the cadenza right now
I know it sucks it seems to be that the cadenza is left on the back burner.
What exhaust did you put on your cadenza
I just have the stock exhaust. not much gain with just changing the exhaust, other than sound. I see a few on here have said they changed the exhaust.
my mistake I thought you had changed yours I'm just looking for a nice sound that when you step on it it goes from a purring cat to a roaring lion
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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